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Carbide Chainsaw Chain

Carbide Chain The Cobra Carbide Chain

The Cobra Carbide Chain

Cuts harder materials; roofing roofing/siding, multi-layered roofing, rollup doors, etc.

Cobra Carbide Chain
Carbide Chain The Sabretooth Carbide Chain

The Sabretooth Carbide Chain

Cuts standard building materials and standard roof ventilation exercises.

Sabretooth Carbide Chain

Carbide Chain of America is the manufacturer of high performance carbide chainsaw chain. The use of carbide chain adds life and usability to the chain. With carbide chainsaw chain the cutting edge is kept longer and is able to cut through harder materials. The use of carbide chain in the fire industry allows fire departments to cut through nails as well as a very diverse list of materials without having to change chains or sharpen as often as conventional chains.

Carbide Chain of America uses a higher-grade carbide and silver solder than is used on other carbide chainsaw chains. The carbide used by Carbide Chain of America is a finer grain of carbide, which holds an edge up to 500% longer than other carbide chains and a decreased chance edge chipping of up to 1,000%.

Carbide Chain of America uses a harder carbide that has a transverse rupture strength of over 537,000 P.S.I. Carbide Chain of America's chains also feature a higher impact resistant chassis with a longer and thicker top plate and thicker side straps. This allows the carbide chain itself to absorb more pressure through the cut than other carbide chains on the market. Also, specially cut angles and an orbicular shape aid the carbide tooth to better disperse the energy to the chain chassis throughout the cut.

Carbide Chain of America features two carbiede chainsaw chains, the Cobra and Sabretooth. Both carbide chains feature impact resistant carbide and a chain chassis that better absorbs and disperses energy, but both also have their own features that set them apart from all others.

The Cobra carbide chainsaw chain features a full house design. A full house chain is a chain with a tooth on each tie strap. The Cobra full house carbide chain allows the Cobra chain to cut through much harder material and is specifically useful in urban environments where metal buildings and roll up doors are more prevalent.

The Sabretooth carbide chainsaw chain features a self-cleaning double raker design. Unlike other double raker chains, the Sabretooth carbide chains leading raker pivots allowing debris that may be stuck between the carbide tooth and the raker to clean itself out. The Sabretooth has the standard number of teeth that you would find on any conventional chain, this makes the Sabretooth carbide chainsaw chain ideal for use in standard ventilation exercises as well as standard building materials and timber.

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