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Carbide Chain

We are so confident in our carbide chains that we guarantee our chains 3 to 1 over other carbide chains.

Cobra Carbide Chain Cobra Carbide Rescue Saw Chain

The Cobra Carbide Chain

Cuts harder materials; roofing roofing/siding, multi-layered roofing, rollup doors, etc.

More Information about the Cobra Carbide Chain
Sabretooth Carbide Chain Sabretooth Carbide Rescue Saw Chain

The Sabretooth Carbide Chain

Cuts standard building materials and standard roof ventilation exercises.

More Information about the Sabretooth Carbide Chain

What size chain is right for me?

When selecting a chain, it is important to ensure that the chain purchased will be appropriate for the saw.

Saw Size

* Please note that not all saws are able to utilize the chains we make as some lack the power needed to effectively utilize carbide chain without damage.
Please refer to your owner's manual, contact a local saw retailer, or contact us direct to verify the chain size that is appropriate for your saw.

Below is a simple guide to determine what size saw we recommend for each size chain.

Saw HorsepowerChain PitchChain Gauge
Less Than 3 HP3/8".050"
3 HP-4HP3/8".063"
More Than 4HP.404".063"

* We can make any of these chains to any length.

* We do not offer a carbide chain for saws that have 0.325" pitch, .050" gauge chain.

* .404" pitch, .063" gauge is the recommended size for rescue.

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